The innovative Easy Install toilet paper holder takes 20 seconds to install and lasts for years.

1.  Installs in seconds
2.  Covers existing damage
3.  Lasts for years

Home improvement projects around the house can be a real chore, often delayed because we’re too busy to shop for all the right parts, gather our tools, measure,install,and make it look like it belongs on Pinterest.  The Easy Install is here to take care of one To Do item for good.  The chore of replacing your old-fashioned toilet paper holders solves 3 major problems you get from old-fashioned toilet roll holders.

  1. The Easy Install takes 30 seconds to install.  The old fashioned way involves spackle, sanding, measuring, and about a dozen tools and more than a day of work.  In the end you get another holder that’s likely to eventually get loose and fall off again.  Using commercial grade adhesive Easy Install sets a new standard for toilet paper holder installation.  It installs in seconds and lasts for years.
  2. The ingenious Easy Install base is wide enough to cover your existing damage so you don’t have to spackle, sand, and repaint your wall.  When typical holders fall off the wall, they leave behind holes, chipped paint, and about a days work to repair.  The Easy Install base is wide enough to cover your standard wall damage.
  3. Easy Install is built to last.  Unlike traditional toilet roll holders that loosen from drywall over time and with regular use. It’s made of wood, designed to hold strong, and attached with commercial-grade adhesive, the Easy Install will hold tight on your wall.

Domestick Diva designs a easy to install solutions for home projects.

To learn more about Easy Install visit our Etsy page.  And watch our demo VIDEO to see how easy Easy Install really is. 

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