A Pre-Assembled Toilet Paper Holder

Smart Install is a new toilet paper holder that solves the 3 major pains of traditional holders.  Old-fashioned holders 1.) take hours to install  2.) eventually loosen 3.) leave your wall damaged.

Smart Install is the only toilet paper holder on the market that covers existing holes and damage.  It was designed to save you time and last for years.  No tools, no repairing and prepping needed. 

See How It Works.  Order It Here.

The Traditional TP Holder Just Got a Modern Update

SI closeup in living room

Patent Pending.  Made in the USA

* No tools – No measuring
* Takes seconds to install – Lasts for years
* Covers existing damage
* Gives a professional finish to your wall


Covers existing damage like holes in your drywall and peeled paint.

Loose Toilet Paper Holder Boys Bath

Never deal with the inevitable toilet holders hanging off the wall again.









Powder Room Shot

The original Smart Install in a powder room was attached in 2013.














The Smart Install uses commercial grade adhesive and an innovative design that’s both durable and beautiful.  Smart Install attaches in seconds and last for years.

This ingenious solution is a proven alternative to the chore of repairing a damaged wall (wait a few hours), painting (wait a couple hours), and install all over again.  

Attaches to walls, tile, vanities, and smooth clean surfaces.  It’s also easy to install in tight spots in seconds.

Plus, Smart Install matches your baseboard, crown molding, doors and door frames to give a professional finish in seconds.

See How Easy It Is to Install.  Order Yours Here.

Patent Pending.  Handmade in the USA. 


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